About Green Box Top

Green Box Top launched in San Francisco in August 2010.   We are a deal website that differentiates ourselves from other "group coupon" offerings by focusing entirely on green bargains while giving a percentage of sales to designated non profits.  Founded by two yoga instructors in San Francisco, the company offers local deals in San Francisco, Denver, nationally (online deals), and soon in Eugene.

“We had used other group buying companies to promote our yoga studio and subsequently signed up for their daily deals.  Michelle and I were frustrated that only about one in ten deals were interesting to us—we didn’t care about discounted Botox or teeth whitening.  We thought, 'what if there were a site that just offered socially and environmentally conscious deals?'  That’s when we came up with Green Box Top,” said Lynn Roulo, co-founder.


"We look for businesses that are interested in leaving a lighter footprint on the planet-whether through buying organic, recycling and composting, using alternative energy, preventative health measures, or sustainable business practices. We want to support companies that have a commitment to healthier people and a healthier planet" said Michelle Yorn, co-founder.  "We take a broad interpretation of green-we include sustainable, wellness focused, and eco-friendly businesses.  You'll find holistic healthcare as well as environmentally conscious deals on our site."


Green Box Top donates a percentage of each sale to not-for-profits aligned with the company's mission.  A different charity is featured each quarter, and individuals can nominate and vote for charities they want to have as Green Box Top beneficiaries.   “One of the basic yogic concepts is  ‘service to others’ so the idea of donating a percentage of sales to charity was an extension of that philosophy,” said Lynn.



Get your green business featured on our homepage and bring more green buyers to your door! We work with green businesses to create a feature that runs for one week.  The feature is promoted through our website and to our subscriber base.  After the deal closes, we send you a check and a list of new customers! To learn more about getting featured on Green Box Top send us an email at lynn@greenboxtop.com or call us at 415-200-4571.